Published on: June 15, 2021

Actress Etinosa tells activists – “We must stop gender advocacy and embrace human advocacy”

Nigerian Actress Etinosa Idemudia has advised activists against having gender-based advocacy and clamor for the equal rights of humanity in general.


Etinosa gender

Actress Etinosa, in a post via her Instagram story, called for the collective effort of all gender groups towards the fight for fairness and equal rights, and leave out the fight for specific genders.

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According to Actress Etinosa, it is time to switch from gender advocacy, like Feminism, to human advocacy.

She wrote,

“We must stop gender advocacy and switch to human advocacy instead of saying respect a man lets just fight for love and respect for all humanity. Let’s stop the unconscious segregation by gender.

Men having support groups against women and women having support groups against men. O wrong nau.

I will never be a feminist. I am a humanist and that’s enough to bring everyone the fairness and equals rights they deserve.

See her post below,

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Etinosa gender