‘Why I’m not a Runs girl’ – Media Personality, Shade Lapido

Why I’m not a Runs girl’ – Media Personality, Shade Lapido..

Popular Nigerian media personality Shade Ladipo has given reasons why she’s not a Runs girl and offers advice to people engaging in such activities.

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram story, Shade Lapido revealed she had tried being a Runs girl; however, it is not an easy lifestyle.

Shade Lapido
‘Why I’m not a Runs girl’ – Media Personality, Shade Lapido

Shade Ladipo said being a Runz girl makes a lady live a certain life pattern, such as dressing in a particular way, saying certain things, being on someone’s clock, pretending to be interested in people, liking money and many others.

According to shade, some of the lifestyle challenges make it difficult for her to be a Runs girl as she can’t really work that hard as they do, and she doesn’t like money like that.

Shade added that what she wants in life doesn’t revolve around money, making her life easier. She further advised Runs Girls to live the best of their lives so long they live on their own terms and should not allow anyone to shame them.

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She wrote: See ehen, I used to be one of those people who turned their nose down at Runs girls aka sugar babies butt listen, it’s hard work oh. Listen I’ve tried to do runzzzz, mans not even easy working normally for my money is easier. You have to look a certain way, say certain things, be on someone’s clock constantly, pretend to be interested in people who make you gaaaaaag. To succeed as a Runz person, you need to numb your feelings. You need prepare to for the person your customer wants you to be.

Why I’m not a Runs girl’ – Media Personality, Shade Lapido

You must love money die because that’s your motivation las las be ready to….. Runz work is hard work hence why I am not a runz girl. I actually can’t work that hard plus I don’t really like money lia that. Pls I’m not claiming to be Chioma Jesus but you see what I want in life doesn’t revolve around money so it makes my life easier. But make no doubt that I will make money in this life but I need to sleep at night knowing that I’m doing the most good first and that requires some form of selflessness that cannot revolve around money.

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Meanwhile, baby girl life doesn’t even fit me self because to even take picture na die sometimes. To my sugar babies please eat life and life of your head and go on soun. This life na 1 and as long as you’re living on your terms then don’t allow anyone shame you for your choice.

Shade ladipo

Shade ladipo

shade ladipo

Shade Ladipo

Why I’m not a Runs girl’ – Media Personality, Shade Lapido.


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