‘Any man that does not give you cash or gifts is just using you to pass time’ – Lepacious Bose warns ladies

Nigerian comedienne and actress, Bose Ogunboye, popularly known as Lepacious Bose, has collaborated to the saying that a man who truly loves you must spend on you, regardless of how little his efforts are.

Never Lose Weight Because Of A Guy – Lepacious Bose Backs Claims With Her  Reasons

The fitness and wellness expert via her Instagram post warned ladies to never allow men manipulate them with sweet words without action.

She wrote, “I totally agree that if you like a woman you should spend on her…but the stingy ones will claim they like independent women and never drop anything! Shior! Mental manipulation! Emotional scam ni!

Dem go Dey claim your independence is what makes you so attractive. You sef go Dey die in silence to maintain “strong girl” respect. Truth is when they don’t commit their money to you, it’s a mental preparation to walk away, nothing to lose!

Nothing binds them to you, you are not the main chick, you are not the side chick, you are not even the side chick to the side chick!!!

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As a matter of fact, na the money he suppose give you, him Dey take buy ingredients for the breakfast he will serve you. It’s low key the exit plan!

Does that mean he can’t walk away after spending millions on you?? Of course easily, that’s another scenario and another story; but when you have been together for a while and one naira has never passed to you in cash or in kind?…..my sister, wake up and smell the coffee ooo!

PS I don’t think a woman should live off a man’s pocket…. But giving is an expression of love and any man that does not give either in cash or in gifts is just using you to pass time; all that independent woman BS is a mind game to stop you from asking or be upset about it. Men actually like to pamper women, if he is not pampering you, you be waka pass…’

The comedienne, who was previously obese, broke the internet with her trim new look four years ago.

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Comedienne Lepacious Bose warns ladies in relatioship

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