Published on: October 20, 2021

‘The next morning, I had a swollen D*ck’ – BBNaija Brighto breaks silence on ‘bl0w j0b’ saga with Dorathy

Big Brother Naija ex housemate, Brighto has broken his silence on the ‘blow job’ saga with his fellow housemate, Dorathy.

BBNaija Brighto breaks silence on ‘bl0w j0b’ saga with Dorathy
BBNaija Brighto breaks silence on ‘bl0w j0b’ saga with Dorathy

This comes after Dorathy disclosed during the reunion show on Tuesday, 22nd of June that she gave Brighto a blow job and then he ignored her the next day.

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Taking to his Twitter page to address the issue, Brighto said that the reason why he ignored Dorathy afterwards was that his d*ck became swollen after the oral s*x.

“She gave me a blow job, and the next morning I had a swollen D*ck, I gaz japa.Face with cold sweat …. #BBNaijaReunion … #BBNaijaReunion lordb” Brighto tweeted.

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Lots of Nigerians have however taken out time to express their displeasure in Brighto’s tweet.

See some of their comments below;

@debornair99 wrote “This right here doesn’t make any sense, you didn’t have to tweet at all, you had W , but now take your L”

@4lLaycon wrote “Brighto you actually don’t need to tweet ds tbh. People have been hailing you since last night but ds tweet right here from you is a no no..”

@wbamzyoriginals wrote “With the kind of likeness I have for Brighto, guy you just lost a fan
So unnecessary”

@kofoworola__a wrote “Your name is Brighto but you are not bright o”

@Tee_Classiquem1 wrote “Bright you are already vindicated, you dont need to thread this path to prove any point tbvh, women will always be woman, you are a man please act like one, dont sspoil the gentleman game card you already displayed at the reunion, take this down pls”

@liddieberry wrote “What level of immaturity is this? Goodness”

BBNaija Brighto breaks silence on ‘bl0w j0b’ saga with Dorathy.

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