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BBNaija Day 5: The winning team, the near kisses, the “ships”, all that you missed

#BBNaija Day 5 of the recently launched season was about the near kisses, winning team, the “ships” and other juicy highlights you might have missed.#BBNaija Day 5

Day 5: A win for Team Black

#BBNaija Day 5

he first Betway Nigeria Trivia ended with a victory for Team Black.

The Lockdown Housemates had their first-ever Friday Betway Nigeria Sports Trivia and Team Black emerged victoriously. This task was designed to test their knowledge about some popular sports and the Housemates put up a good show.

Getting started

To start the Trivia, the Housemates were asked to divide themselves into two groups aptly named Team White and Team Black. HoH Nengi and Deputy HoH, Wathoni led Team White and Team Black respectively and took turns in selecting which Housemate belonged to their Teams.

Here’s how the Team leads selected

Team White: Nengi, Eric, Ka3na, Laycon, Lucy, Neo, Ozo, Praise, Tolanibaj, Vee.

Team Black: Wathoni, Bright, Dorathy, Erica, Lilo, Kaisha, Kiddwaya, Prince, Tochi, Trickytee.

Trivia Time

Each team took turns in nominating one person at a time that went up to the board and picked a card with the question to ask the opposing team. The opposing team also had to pick a person to answer after they had all deliberated on the question. Each team answered a total of 50 questions for the course of the Trivia.

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The Tension

Even though it was supposed to be a fun Trivia, things got heated as they played against each other. This being their first Trivia in the House and possibly the need to start off on a winning note must have put pressure on both teams. Voices were raised, arguments ensued as both teams weren’t ready to concede defeat to the other. The most visible outburst was between Wathoni and Ka3na both of opposing teams.

Just when it seemed as if calm had been restored, the outburst continued immediately the Trivia ended with Ka3na shouting that Wathoni had no right to call my name. Not stopping there, she issued a warning that she would come for whoever mentioned her name. A visibly shaken Wathoni kept to herself and refused to eat the meal Ka3na made.

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After a long session, Team Black ended victorious with 19 points while Team White was able to garner 16 points. No reward was announced at the end of the Trivia, but there’s anticipation about what the winning Team would get as a reward when the time comes.

The kiss that wasn’t
It’s #BBNaija Day 5 already and why aren’t Eric and Lilo, and Neo and Vee locking lips?

When it comes to contracts, the deal isn’t sealed until its signed. In the Big Brother House, it’s not officially a ‘ship until lock lips are locked. Of the two possible relationships, neither of them have shared that magical moment where lips lock and ‘ships are officially launched.

Eric and Lilo

Since the early days, these two have been closer than fishermen and nets without catching the magic that leads to a kiss. Today was agonisingly close as the pair were lying in bed for the majority of the morning wrapped in each other’s arms. It seemed for the entire time that they would finally swap saliva, but all the holding, hugging, and head stroking lead to nothing but more waiting. It seems that Eric is still weighing up his options while Lilo looks so committed. Hopefully, they seal the deal soon.

#BBNaija Day 5

Neo and Vee

This couple seems destined to never get it right even though they are so perfect together, and tragically, so different. It appears as if Vee’s forward nature is a little too much for the traditional Neo to handle. There have been many times where their closeness was undeniable, but in the end, the result was always the same. No lovey-dovey.

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he Big Brother Naija Housemates are known for loving being in love and watching these ‘ships fail to set sail is killing us all. Let’s hope the Housemates get it going before they get to go home because right now the most important thing is still on lockdown. The lips.

The Near-kisses

The Lockdown Housemates tackle issues of money, marriage and children. Oh, and there were a couple of tantalising near-kisses thrown in the mix.

Housemates talk about their first time

The sharing session continued in Biggie’s House and this time round the conversation turned to Housemates experiences with their parents finding out they are sexually active. This session had too much juice to miss out on.

“My boyfriends were allowed,” – Vee

During #BBNaija Day 5, the discussion got to first times and the Big Brother Housemates didn’t hold back!

When it comes to sharing experiences, it seems the Big Brother Lockdown Housemates aren’t scared of giving us all TMI regularly. This time around the discussion got to their “First Times” and the variety of responses showed us how truly different the Housemates upbringings were. Here’s a round-up of who said what.


#BBNaija Day 5

Our dancer let it be freely known that when his mother found out he was no longer innocent it broke her heart, even though he was over the age of 21 when it happened. Praise recounted how while growing up in an Ibo family he would regularly bring girls to sleepover but was forced to sleep in a seperate room. When it came to creep between the rooms, he was caught out by his father who didn’t mince his words and told him: “You can’t hide anything from God and you can’t hide anything from an Igbo man! I know both of you are having it!” Praise shared that he had never been more embarrassed in his whole life! How would you feel after that?

Prince and Tochi agreed on the notion that it was improper to bring a partner to a family home and it should be considered a huge sign of disrespect. They agreed that the only time it was proper to do so is when you intend on marrying them. On the other side of the spectrum was Vee.

In terms of doing thing differently, the perfect example has to be Vee. She let it be known that while growing up overseas her parents encouraged her to bring her boyfriends to the house. The reasoning behind it was Vee’s parents preferred to know what she is doing and keep an eye on it. This is a very progressive stance and could explain why she isn’t scared to shoot her shot with Neo.

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The social streets had their own opinions on this interesting topic and here are a few of the sentiments that best rounded up the chat.

Who knows what the Lockdown Housemates will get to discussing next, but at least we know they won’t hold back and wil give us more juice than ripe fruits.

Sweating it out (The Workout Session)
Another #BBNaija Day 5 and more sweat and issues during work out time in Biggie’s House.

Nothing good comes without hard work, and today’s work out proved that to us. The Big Brother Naija Housemates broke into two groups to get their daily sweat session in. The groups were guys and girls, with the ladies using the work out time to enjoy sitting on the Betway yoga mats and daydream about the sleep they were missing out on.

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The guys again proved that when it comes to keeping fit, they are not taking any days off… ever. As per usual, Ozo, Neo, Prince, Bright, Praise, Tochi, Laycon, Trikytee, and Eric were the main fitness disciples and put in the work to get themselves glistening. No wonder so many of them asked for weights from Biggie during their Diary Room session, because they have conquered body weight-based fitness years ago.

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The only male Housemate who seemed to be not interested in today’s body toning session was Kiddwaya. Some moments he would sit on his mat looking lost, and for others he could be seen meditating. No telling what his mantra could be, but judging by the look of concentration on his face during his meditation, Kiddwaya was completely focused and centred. When he completed his inward gaze, a smile adorned his face which proved that it was time well spent.

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The ladies, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy staring at the marvel of physical creation while watching the men earn their muscles. They took turns ogling and pointing at the gents who were doing most physically. If Biggie decides to fine a group for laziness, it’s obvious which gender will suffer first.

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Day 5: “She don set her mark on me,” – Neo

In what seems like misplaced situationships in the #BBNaija Day 5, Neo and Eric discuss how they became entangled with their House baes.

While the Housemates have been getting to know one another, we singled out some potential Lockdown couples who have shown us what it means to fall in love at first sight. On this table, we have Neo and Vee as well as Eric and Lilo and while some BB Naija fans find them adorable, others are wondering if these ships are truly meant to sail (or fail).

Forced ships?

“Even though I knew I would want to be involved with a lady when I get into the game, I didn’t expect us to be this close this fast,” Eric said to Neo. Immediately, we knew he was talking about his situationship with Lilo.

In agreement with Eric’s statement, Neo told his own situationship palava, while making it clear that this love web he is about to get into will not distract him from the Big Brother game.

In his words, Vee is a yankee babe, so putting her feelings out there won’t be a problem. He said to Eric, “She don already set her mark, asking me to be her bestie and give her a massage.” To Eric’s statement on his situationship happening quick, he said, “Your own no quick pass my own.”

Could it be that this was a ship not meant to happen? Or perhaps captain Lilo and Vee sailed it too fast and the boys are just moving with the pace?

1595553380 34 Screenshot 2020 07 23 at 19.43.21 » Naijabulletin

Blinded by Nengi?

In their Thursday Night of #BBNaija Day 5, Wager Presentation, the Lockdown gents failed all the questions in the second round. All thanks to majority of them who kept on calling Nengi’s name as the answer to their questions.

Who would have thought that with all the time Ka3na spent on her get-to-know-me story, someone would still think it was Nengi that was gifted a land and diamonds.








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