Published on: December 2, 2021

“Daddy come and eat your food” – Freeze reacts to latest allegation from Ms Otabo.

We all know OAP Daddy Freeze for his opinions on public matters and we are also aware of his attack on rich and famous celebrity Men of God.  Following the allegations from Ms. Otabo, concerning sex scandal of Apostle Suleman, Daddy Freeze has reacted, in a funny manner, to the latest video of Ms. Otabo, where she claimed that she slept with the man of God, who in return showered her with gifts. She also revealed the name of the actress whom the man of God had a three-some with.

The out-spoken OAP took to his Instagram page and wrote.

“Daddy come and eat your food! Because of her appearance, the world has already judged her, calling her names like ashawo. What about the man of God involved? Oh sorry, ‘touch not my anointed’ and ‘judge not’ apply only to him.
Nigeria is not only filled with low IQ sheeple, the sheeple even live in George Orwell’s ‘animal farm’ where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others! ~FRZ”


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