Published on: July 24, 2021

Gambia Bans their Women From Exposing Their Hair…more here

Recently registered Islamic nation, Gambia, has prohibited its female workers from leaving their hair uncovered while at work.
Women should use a “head tie and neatly wrap their hair”, a memo from authorities said, without giving reasons for the ban.


The memo, dated 4 January and published in the country’s local media
said that an “executive directive has been issued that all female staff
within the government ministries, departments and agencies are no longer
allowed to expose their hair during official working hours”

“All are strictly advised to adhere to this new directive,” it added.

Some 90% of Gambians are Muslim and many Muslim scholars believe that Islam requires Muslim women to cover their hair in public.

However, the requirement is not strictly adhered to in The Gambia.

First Lady Zineb Yahya Jammeh has previously appeared in public with her hair uncovered. 


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