“I also had a fight with Iyabo Ojo” Chioma Ikokwu sheds light on her beef with Toyin Lawani, others

Socialite and hair mogul Chioma Ikokwu has addressed her beef with celebrity stylist and fashion designer Toyin Lawani.

Chioma Ikokwu sheds light on her beef with Toyin Lawani, Iyabo Ojo and others

News reported in May that Toyin Lawani had dragged her Chioma Ikokwu for spreading false rumours about her.

The mum of one who starred on the hit reality show, Real Housewives of Lagos was mercilessly dragged on Twitter for belittling her co-star, Laura Ikeji’s son.

The housemates of the show had attended Laura Ikeji’s runway show, and Toyin, sitted beside Chioma, had shown her something on the phone.

Unfortunately, Chioma claimed that Toyin compared her son, Tenor, to Laura’s son.

Taking to her Instagram page, Toyin Lawani dragged both Chioma and the show’s organisers for painting her in the wrong light.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, Chioma shed light on her fights with her go housemates.

She admitted that she was extremely embarrassed over their fights because of her nature.

Chioma revealed that she doesn’t own a Twitter account and, as such, wasn’t seeing the shading tweets from her co-reality stars.

Chioma stated that she doesn’t want to be perceived as somebody who is coming on TV fighting or engaging in arguments or whose mouth is sharper like that’s not the legacyI want to live.

For her, she doesn’t like the fact that the production team pushed a negative narrative.

She added that she and her co-stars could have done more positive and empowering stuff.

“I think it’s extremely embarrassing, you know for me it’s just embarrassing because the sort of person I am, the family I come from, this is not something that I sort of engage in. The last time I was on Twitter was when I was 11 because I worked in a law firm and had desk job but after that I never really went back in Twitter because I just felt it was such a violent space to be in. So seeing all of that was sort of new to me, seeing all of the housewives going back and forth. I’m just like, all of this could be avoided. Sometimes when I look back, I’m just like, what did we really teach young girls. Everyone comes and is like you’re so inspiring and I know so much more that I could have offered to this situation to actually genuinely inspire people to get them to want to do better, be better. I don’t want to be perceived as somebody that is coming on TV fighting or engaging in arguments or whose mouth is sharper like that’s not the legacy that I want to live. Yes of course, they’ve used some of my taglines as TimTok videos. It’s cute but like I was even saying this morning that I don’t want the tagline to be insults, I want it to be positive things that you can sort of use to empower or better yourselves. And I don’t really like the fact that they pushed the negativity. I felt like even with production and I have to say this that at the end of the day. Ofcourse drama sells with reality TV but it could have been mixed a little bit more. We could have done more positive or empowering stuff”.

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Chioma Ikokwu denied reports of insulting Toyin Lawani’s business.

She said, “At no point did I ever insult Toyin’s business ever. If anything, I said you’re creative, you’re very talented, so many times throughout the season I’d be like you’re even too good for Nigeria, Nigeria doesn’t deserve you. I’ll hail get, I’ll encourage her, anybody can bear witness to that. There was never a time I’ll ever insult her business”.

Chioma Ikokwu also revealed that she got into an altercation with Iyabo Ojo but production cut it out.

News recalls Toyin Lawani had furiously lashed out at her critics, condemning her for her unruly behaviour to her co-housemates.

On one of the episodes of the reality show, The Real Housewives of Lagos, Toyin Lawani had blown hot on Caroline Hutchins Danjuma and Chioma Good hair for turning up late at the airport.

The mum of three noted how she had to leave her three children at home to make it to the airport and yet stood up.

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To further worsen things, when her co-housemates showed up, they offered no apology, which infuriated Toyin to lash out at them.

Viewers of the show misinterpreted things and felt Toyin was only proud, the majority of them lashed out at the stylist.

Reacting to the criticisms, Toyin Lawani revealed that her first child, Tiannah, who clocked 17 arrived in Lagos for the first time in years, yet she had to choose her work over her.

Bearing this in mind, Toyin stated that anyone who was bitter at her outburst and holds it against her, should carry on with it.


Chioma Ikokwu sheds light on her beef with Toyin Lawani, Iyabo Ojo and others

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