Published on: September 19, 2021

I will never be friends with virgins, they have nothing to offer – girl slam virgins

According to Nigerian Facebook user, Ifediba Oluchi Anne, she will never be friends with girls who brag about their virginity as they have nothing to offer.

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Read what she posted on Facebook below…


“I Will Never Be Friends With Girls Who Brag About Their Virginity__This is Why
I have friends who were virgins and only gave one or two hints because it wasn’t a big deal. From their behaviors, I came to realize that they were virgins because they hadn’t found the right person to be committed to. I had no problem with these category of friends. It was their vagina and they could decide how to use it.
I have also met some class of girls whose life revolved around their virginity. They made it a duty to make everyone know they were virgins. It was some kind of achievement for them. The girls who fell into this category were never my friends. Even if I wanted to get closer to them, I couldn’t because of how loudly they spoke of their Virginity.
There’s nothing wrong with being a Virgin and waiting for the right one. However, when one becomes obsessed with it then there is a problem.
I met one particular girl who took pride in her virginity. She spoke of it all the time and made nasty faces when I told her I had had sex. To her, her virginity was what made her a woman. It was the highest gift she could give her husband. Virginity to her was like a treasure she had to guard so society would consider her a “woman of virtue”.

 She bragged about how her husband will worship the grounds she walked on after he finds out that she had remained pure and untainted.
People like me who were sexually active were viewed as sinners and sluts in her presence. How can I be friends with such a person?
I find it disturbing that some girls consider themselves better than others because they had kept their pussys away from dicks. The issue of virginity is one which makes girls consider themselves a failure if they aren’t able to preserve it.
There are two categories of virgins. The sensible ones and the senseless ones.
The senseless ones think all they have to do is keep a tight pussy. To them, if they can remain virgins, their husbands will respect them. Their virginity is key to their success. They expect a man to worship the ground they walk on because of their untainted vagina. They expect a man to give them millions because they have been untouched. They attach a high value to their pussy when it should in fact be priceless. They live in the illusion that their marriage will work because they were virgins.
They expect a man to treat them differently because of their virginity. That is why we hear senseless talks Like
“Peter is a fool, thank God I didn’t give him my virginity”.😒
These set of girls forget that it takes less than 2 seconds to break the hymen. They have nothing to offer to anybody except their virginity. After the virginity is gone, all that’s left is a big liability.
They fail to realize that virginity is not a key on success. Virginity doesn’t guarantee a long marriage. Virginity doesn’t make any woman special from the other.
The sensible virgins are the direct opposite of the senseless ones. Being a virgin doesn’t define them and they strive to offer something of value to people in their lives.
I will never be friends with girls who “brag” about their virginity because they have nothing to offer except their tight pussys.”


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