I’m washing my hand off it- Dayo Amusa Say As she stir reaction online.

Popular Yoruba actress Dayo Amusa recently shared a photo on Instagram showcasing her beauty for her Canadian admirers in Tao.

Washing my hand off it-Dayo Amusa Say As she stir reaction online

She frequently flaunts her attractiveness on social media, and she did so once again by flaunting her golden hair. As they aired their ideas in various ways on her page, her fans were unable to control their emotions and had to act swiftly.

She arrived at the event wearing a pink attire that suited her well. She covered her face with basic makeup that complemented her skin tone. She boosted her beauty by donning a pink dress and a blue beret cap.


She posed for the photos in various positions while wearing a necklace and a stunning blonde hairstyle. As she identified herself as being in Tao, Canada, she was happy and pleased.

If the comments and responses to her post are to be believed, it is evident that her fans are impressed by her hairstyle because they responded favourably to it, and others who liked her attire also responded favourably to it.

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NB Recalled That Fans of Nigeria actress Dayo Amusa hailed her beauty as she steps out in a beautiful green Agbada outfit.

Dayo Amusa shares photos of herself in an Agbada outfit with a cool native cap.

Sharing the photo, she wrote:

If there is one person am willing to bet on, that will be Me, Myself & I #TAO.

Washing my hand off it-Dayo Amusa Say As she stir reaction online

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