“Irresponsibility at its peak” Nigerians come hard on 2Face as he allegedly impregnates another lady

Nigerians have reacted to the viral news that legendary Nigerian singer Innocent Idibia, known as 2Face or 2Baba, is expecting his 8th child from another woman.

Nigerians come hard on 2Face as he allegedly impregnates another lady

The internet has been agog with speculations following the singer’s public apology to Annie Idibia and his other baby mama for being irresponsible.

A few days ago,  news reported that Musician 2face Idibia tendered a public apology to his wife, Annie Idibia, for hurting her for the umpteenth time.

On Instagram, 2Face shared a video of Annie in bed accompanied by the apology note, apologizing for all the embarrassment he had caused his wife, families, management and baby mamas.

He wrote:““Las las this is no stunt.I’mm sorry for all the embarrassmentI’vee caused my wife, my kids, my mother, and all our families and my management team.I’mm not looking for no sympathy.I’mm not trying to make myself look good. This is no reverse psychology bullshit I simply justdon’tt want to be the one that always apologizes.I’vee been a shitty father and a shitty husband and a shitty baby daddy.

I have no excuses. I just want to do right my wife, and my kids and their moms and my mom and all families and my manager and friends. I beg ya all to pls just face me and cancel me anyhow mI’vee been a star for so long that my bulletproof vest is worn-outI’mm not quitting or suicidal or giving up. I just want to go back to my default settings and denounce my role mod status and make up lost time with my kids and givey’alll music that will make u remember and understand why they call me 2BAB””.

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Following this development, a report emerged online that 2FaceIdibia’ss public apology was because he is expecting his 8th child from another woman.

Although 2Face and his wife shunned the speculations making rounds, netizens have taken to social media to express their opinions regarding the issue.

Psomadina: Irresponsibility at its peak.. from the married man to the women who sleep with him! My goodness! How can you have such low esteem of yourself. One mistake is enough to forgive.. what is this???

odjegbas_princess:It’ss how Annie keeps embarrassing herself to save face for me

sanyaolufunmilayo_o: I rebuke this kind of trauma from someone you called your husband 😢 I feel for her

somtohchukwu_: And to think that I even felt emotional while reading that yesterday

youaintsteph.xx: Annie should just divorce, he even told her he loved her but he got someone else pregnant 🤮

dat_big_fish_06: This is bullshit plsit’ss not just cheating anymore we worried about they cheat witout protection also the disrespect is fucking too much are we not even considering STD ???? Like for Fuck sakes.

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Nigerians come hard on 2Face as he allegedly impregnates another lady

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