Published on: July 24, 2021

“Stop making women feel less beautiful” – Juliet Ibrahim slam fan who mocked her of having a big stomach

“Stop making women feel less beautiful” – Juliet Ibrahim blast fan who mocked her for having a big stomach

After trying to rubbish her for having a big stomach, Juliet Ibrahim, a popular Ghanaian actress, put a fan in its rightful place.

The fan posted on his Twitter page an image of a 34-year-old mother showcasing her stomach while in a swimming pool.

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Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim warned the fan about spotting the caption by trying to make her appear below others to target women’s self-confidence.

Juliet went on to explain that she doesn’t have a flat stomach and that since childhood she’s always been that way.

“FYI, I do have belle! I have a Natural pot belle oo,and it protrudes every time I eat too much, bloat or stop working out, know why?Because I AM A WOMAN! Stop making women to feel less beautiful when they don’t look like your favorite celebrities edited or perfect angled photos dear,” she wrote in response.

Juliet Ibrahim

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