Published on: June 15, 2021

Kiddwaya Reveal He Is Not Ready For Marriage

Kiddwaya Reveal He Is Not Ready For Marriage… BBNaija’s Kiddwaya has revealed he has no plans for marriage at the moment because he is not yet ready to give his all to any woman.

Kiddwaya Reveal He Not Yet Ready For Marriage

Kiddwaya Reveal He Is Not Ready For MarriageThe well-built reality star disclosed this while peaking in an exclusive interview with This Day newspaper over the weekend.

As to when he may likely be getting married, the billionaire’s son simply said “God’s time is the best”.

In his words, “I don’t think I am ready for marriage. I think I have so much to achieve and so much to do. I am not saying you can’t do that with marriage, but for me, I’m not ready to give myself 110 percent to somebody else and I believe when you enter marriage you need to be willing and absolutely committed to that person. I’m not in that position right now.

“I feel it is very important for people out there to understand that: don’t force yourself into marriage unless you are ready mentally. It is not by force to get married.

“A lot of people force themselves to get married when they are not ready that is when they commit adultery. One has to be ready mentally before going into such commitment.

“For me, I am not ready. I will say God’s time is the best time. One day, you will wake up and you will know that it’s now time to get married you will definitely know.”


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