Published on: September 17, 2021

Lateef Adedimeji opens up on his marriage to Mo Bimpe, says nothing wrong marrying an actress

By Bolaji Olabode

Popular actor, Lateef Adedimeji in this interview with NB News, opens up on how his role in ‘Ayinla’ impacted him, his rumored relationship with Mo Bimpe, amongst other issues.

Lateef Adedimeji opens up on his marriage to Mo Bimpe
Lateef Adedimeji opens up on his marriage to Mo Bimpe

Are you fulfilled with where you are career wise?

Before now you were known for starring in Yoruba movies, but right now you feature more in cinema movies. Has it increased your visibility as an actor?

Every stage of my life, good or bad, I am fulfilled. I am not where I want yet but thankful for where I am and I am still going forward.

How has the story of Ayinla imparted your life?

Ayinla places me on a different level entirely. The story itself teaches a whole lot. It shows that when you are somebody in life, be rest assured that the least of things that doesn’t make sense will come to you. You must be prepared on how you want react to issues. If Ayinla had taken caution at the time someone upset him and not react to the words of that person, he would be better. When you are famous, every dog can choose to bark at you, are you going to bark back at them? It teaches me that I need to be calm in every situation. It is not everything that people throw at you that you give a reply to. There are some you overlook and move on with your life.

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Lateef Adedimeji opens up on his marriage to Mo Bimpe.

Do you think it is good for men to go for DNA test?

It is doubt that makes men do that. It is doubt that will make you want to do that. And the way the world is turning, truth and trust are important. Until we are able to get that, we will live with our partners in doubts.

Let’s talk about the baby mama trend in the entertainment industry. What are your thoughts? For an entertainer, do you think it is a good decision to take?

Different people have different ways of attending to issues and all that. For some people they feel good about it. It depends on what people want. For me it, it might not be my thing. A lot of people don’t want to be experience it. But the situation they found themselves in, put them in that corner.

Can you marry someone from your industry?

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Why not? As far as both of you have an understanding about yourselves.

How do you react to social media criticisms?

There is no way people will not talk. When people talk, I don’t throw away their criticism. I go back to it and pick what will get me to the next level from what they have said.

You mentioned something about clearing up rumours. You have not cleared rumours of you having a relationship with Mo Bimpe?

There are some rumours that you just look at and you are like should I pay attention to this? I am not married. I am still single. I am still going to get married. Who knows?

What makes you different as an actor?

What makes me different as an actor is that I am always myself. I am a local boy. If I become a billionaire today, that will not stop me from being a local boy.

Lateef Adedimeji opens up on his marriage to Mo Bimpe

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