Monkeypox Can Be Transmitted Through $3x – NCDC Warns

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has issued a warning that monkeypox can be transmitted through s#x.

Monkeypox Can Be Transmitted Through x – NCDC Warns
Monkeypox Can Be Transmitted Through $3x – NCDC Warns

According to Dr Ifedayo Adetifa, NCDC’s director-general, who spoke at a just ended ceremony, the monkeypox virus may be present in the body fluids of infected individuals and hence transmissible to humans through close contact with an infected person, animal, or contaminated material.

He claimed that monkeypox, which causes fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes and can lead to a variety of health complications, has a higher risk of virulence and that affected people face stigma, as well as a temporary loss of livelihood and financial difficulties.

Also, in a statement posted on its website, NCDC said, “After about 1 to 3 days of fever, the rash erupts, beginning on the face and then spreading to the body with the face and palms/soles being mostly affected.

They can also occur in and around the genitals which is why contact during s#x is one mode of transmission. It is mostly a self-limiting illness that often lasts for two to four weeks.”

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Reacting to the news,

iambiggysteve wrote; ‘The only thing wey Dey give us Joy for this country, una wan still use am scare us 😢. We go still knack no vex sir

koffi wrote; Una say bushmeat now na $#x……. Shey una no dey see weather for Nigeria?


Monkeypox Can Be Transmitted Through $3x – NCDC Warns

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