Published on: June 15, 2021

Read how to Fall in Love with yourself

I know you go through a lot of pain, and people in your life don’t appreciate you and acknowledge  all you give and sacrifice to trust like they should.

I know at times you feel alone, but don’t let pain mold the person you are. Don’t let sadness and hurt stop you from being happy. You are too giving and caring to everyone else to not have genuine energy you give others reciprocated.
I know you are tired. Tired of the pain, sadness and stress of this dark, cruel and twisted world. But you know something, happiness is the people we surround ourself with and the thoughts we hold.
I  know you smile to hide your pain, so no one else can see,
but i see it
I see you.
I know you got issues.
I know you got temper.
I know you got problems.
I know you are far from perfect.
But you are perfectly imperfected.
Every flaw of yours helps outline your awesomeness, because your weakness and vulnerability makes strong, genuine, kindred spirits want to help you through it.
I know how hard it is for you not to have self-confidence,
and i know you feel alone. There is a reason. There is a reason you are being made to hate everything you are.


There is an energy there with you… It’s a dark evil energy and it wants to trick you. It wants you to judge your life off the bad things only, so that will not stick around long enough for your BIG GREAT GRAND REWARD OF A HAPPY LIFE.
It’s close, very close.
Just because people don’t say it enough doesn’t mean it’s not true.
You are so giving. So special. I’m so proud of you.
All I want you to do right now is look into the mirror and fall in love with yourself. Tell yourself, ”I AM MY strength’.
You are NOT your flaws, mistakes or past. You’re the strength and resilience you show after bouncing back from pain, Don’t let pain scorn you.

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Odiongist wish you the very best of the day….stay bless.


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