Published on: June 15, 2021

Read Why Guys Avoid Pretty Ladies, six Will Shock You

1. Most pretty ladies believes that their beauty is their bargain to be  well spent on, and most guys don’t have that kinda money to spend on a woman. Hence, they avoid them.

2.Most pretty ladies always act pretty. They always make it obvious that they know that they pretty and this behavior tends to rub offensively on the faces of guys. Hence, they tend to avoid them

3. Most pretty ladies look down on non-handsome guys, this pisses off even the handsome guys who are friends to these non-handsome guys. So, in solidarity with their guys, those offensive pretty ones are been avoided or hurt along the way.


4. Most pretty ladies are not sociable . Most of them tend to be introverts, thereby sending the wrong message to guys (that they are not needed).

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5. Most pretty ladies are beauty freaks. An addition to their beauty through make-ups tend to make them too beautiful to be approached by men. This sends a sense of insecurity to guys, hence they avoid them. Its a big LOLZZZZ…

6. Many guys believe that the more beautiful a lady is, the less intelligent she would be. And most times, they are proved right. This however, is an injustice to the few beautiful and intelligent ones that abound. Unfortunately, all of them suffer the consequences of being avoided by guys.

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7. Guys fear that the more pretty their woman is, The more likely a money bag would come to snatch her away from him, Hence, in order to preserve their hearts and dignity, they go for the averaged beautiful ones and avoid the beautiful ones..

By Morulebaybay


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