Published on: June 13, 2021

Are you a REAL MAN?? Read all you need to know about been a real man.

Yes Real men are hard to come by, but women are the reason why real men are scares. This what a friend said earlier before i came up with these very post.

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What scares me the most today is not the loss of serenity, brotherhood and prosperity our fathers once enjoyed, but the loss of true men that made the world beautiful.

Men who provided for their families, truly loved their women, nurtured their children, served and protected their communities with their own very lives. These men were not perfect, but they were truthful and genuine.
All we have today are mostly egocentric males who care for no one and nothing but themselves. They are clueless kids in fully-grown masculine frames who lack depth and despise wisdom. Shallow men, who enjoy building their muscles but have emaciated brains. Callous men, who kill their brothers in cold blood, trade the lives of their own children, see their women as common objects and treat them as slaves. Men, who will do just anything to satisfy their devilish desire, these are the kind of men gathering around the tables, plotting the ext evil.
Real men are an endangered species. But the world the is not completely hopeless I know there are still few of them left out there somewhere.
I’m talking about honorable men who understand and live by the virtues of hard work, integrity, wisdom, loyalty, respect, kindness, empathy, courage, commitment and other vanishing qualities to die for  but we rarely come across these days.
”The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows  brave by reflection. ”Thomas Paine The world can use more of these men.
If you are one, I am inviting you to come and join the table of Real men.

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Today’s agenda on the table includes the following,
1. Banish greed and selfishness from our land.

2. Go to war against poverty, ignorance and disease.

3. Raise us a true leader and together build a nation our children can be proud of.

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4. Forget about our individual pockets and produce wealth in our land so all of us can feed in abundance.

5. Be a role models to the younger generation and help them grow into real men.

I am leaving it at Five because it’s a collective task. I need you to help create this list together.
Pls kindly add to the list below in the comment box.
This challenge is only for real men, and real women.
Are you a REAL MAN??


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