Published on: June 13, 2021

”Sunday Joy” with Odion Imhandorie, (The Rightful Focus)

Good morning everyone and welcome to today episode of  ”Sunday Joy”  with Odion Imhandorie, on your favorite blog,

 Today’s we will be discussing  on the topic called ”The Rightful Focus”.How many of us after hearing a rumor start developing rejection, toward a particular person they have never met?
If man’s prejudice be not conquered by the evidence of truth, it is but confirmed. This leads to our today message:


The Rightful Focus! let’s turn our bible to Hebrews 12:2,. In this world of distraction, it is very easy to get off track and lose focus. Keep focus! Identify your source! Many have surrendered to their fears while their hearts are still dreaming for a miracle, breakthrough.

Many who had claimed to witness or testify for Christ in the past, have withdrawn for reasons beyond their control;

1. Fear is a more deceptive enemy than Satan himself.
2. Fear changes our focus.
3. Fear increases the size of our enemy mentally.
4. Fear weakens our determination and will power.
5. Fear prevents us from making important decisions that can change our lives (Numbers 13:33).

There is more to life than meets  the ordinary eye.
There are two kinds of truth: sense-knowledge, truth and divine revelation truth.
They are usually opposite to each other. We have the eyes of the body and the eyes of faith. The eyes of the body can not see beyond facts; it takes the eyes of faith to have a special insight into revealed truth.
Those with a scientific frame of mind would not believe unless they see and touch. When sick, they will not say, ”Thank You, JESUS”, unless they are healed. When poor, they will not say, ”Thank You, Jesus”, unless they are blessed.

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We live by faith when we recognize our union with Jesus Christ in the Spirit. Those who are controlled by divine-revelation truth are people that examine all things in the light of God’s Word. On the other hand, we live by sight when we give all our attention to the physical, which is temporary. When you are controlled by sense-knowledge truth, you will be controlled by what you see, what you hear, what others tell  you or what what your situation looks like. If the situation is good, Jesus is Lord. If  the situation is tough, you will begin to see Jesus in a bad light. When the eyes of our body focus on what our situation has to say, we begin to see danger, impossibilities! Many have changed the course of the history of their lives through the inability to see beyond their immediate circumstances.

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*If Job were to look at his afflictions, he would have yielded to the advice of his close relations to course God.
*If Meshach,  Shadrach and Abednego were to look at the blazing furnace, they would have changed their confession for fear of being roasted (Daniel 3:13-23).
*If Jesus were to look at the decomposing state of Lazarus’s body in the tomb, He would not have said, ”Thank You , Lord” before He started to pray to the Father.

So we should all learn how to say Thank You, Jesus”,and make sure, you’re sincere about it in any situation or circumstances we might be.
And i say Thank You ‘Jesus’ for the inspiration of Today’s message!, and i promise to come back to talk on a fresh new topic after the church service….

Pls ensure you go to church today and stay bless! shalom.

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