This lady said she slept with her pastor and it was the best she ever had – Read all here.

The lady who sent a message to the popular Love doctor, Joro Olumofin and would prefer to remain anonymous, claimed ever since she started having s3x with her pastor, she has always felt satisfied and it has been the best she has ever had.
She says her husband was her first love and she lost her virginity to him, however, as time passed, their s3x life got boring. This made her confine in her Pastor, whom she ended up having s3x with.
I slept with my pastor and it was the best I ever had - Lady confesses Lailasnews 3
She claims she doesn’t know what the pastor used on her or how he did it, but she had s3x with the man of God that night, and she has never gotten as wet as she did with him.
She says she has been rolling with the man of God for close to two months now and they have been having s3x regularly. However, she has told the Pastor she’s no longer interested, but ever since, he has been seeing visions concerning her and always having spiritual messages for her.
“He will be preaching in church and be seeing vision for me. Using style to describe me. If you’re living in these area and you have these amount of sibling and children, see me and all” She said.
She says she is scared that her husband will find out. She further revealed she has suggested to her husband they leave the church, but he says God is present in that church.
Read the full story  she sent to Joro Olumofin below;
Hello Joro, Am one of your big fans, love your interesting talks. Please i don’t know what to do and am scared. My husband was my first love and first s3x. I wed him at teenage years. Now the sex got boring and all. He will fall asleep after s3x.
No cuddle or convo at all. My pastor intro me to my husband. I started to confine in my pastor. Not by my doing. We had s3x one night. Don’t know what he use on me Joro. Never being wet like that before in my life. Had to put my undy in my bag cus of the wetness.
Now the affair carry on for 2 months. But i told him am not for it again that i love my hubby and i respect the wife. Now he will be preaching in church and seeing vision for me. Using style to describe me. If ur living in these area and you have these amount of sibling and children. See me and all. I want to stop. But my husband will find out. If he do like that am finished. Have told my husband let us leave the church he says God is present.”

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