Vendor Registration – Pre-Qualification at Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN)

The Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN) is the operational arm and an affiliate of Georgetown University Centre for Global Health Practice and Impact (CGHPI) in Nigeria. GGHN is a Non–profit, Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria that promotes best practices in health care delivery and research using local and internationally adapted models to strengthen health systems.

Vendor Registration - Pre-Qualification at Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN)
Vendor Registration – Pre-Qualification at Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN)


Applications are invited for:

Title: Vendor Registration – Pre-Qualification

Locations: Abuja (FCT) , Bauchi, Jigawa and Kano

The Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN) invites interested and credible companies to tender pre-qualification documents for the following categories:

Category 1: Services
1 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/01 Provision of Hotel and Conference Facilities
2 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/02 Provision of Advertising and Media Services
3 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/03 Provision of Air Ticketing, Tour and Travel Services
4 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/04 Provision of Events Management Services
5 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/05 Provision of Catering Services
6 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/06 Provision of Computer Programming, Software Development, Webhosting Services & IT consultancy services
7 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/07 Provision of Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services
8 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/08 Provision of Motor Vehicle Hire Services
9 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/09 Provision of Repair of office Furniture and Equipment Services
10 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/10 Provision of Office Maintenance Services
11 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/11 Provision of Insurance service
12 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/12 Provision of Digital /Print Media Services
13 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/13 Provision of Cleaning Services
14 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/14 Provision of Security Services
15 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/15 Provision of Logistics services
16 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/16 Provision of Professional Services (Audit, Legal, Tax etc)
17 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/17 Provision of Mobile Communication Services
18 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/18 Provision of Internet service
19 GGHN/NG/SRVCS/19 Provision of Consultancy service
Category 2: Supplies
20 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/01 Supply of Office Furniture and Fittings
21 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/02 Supply of Office Stationeries, Water, Utilities and Toners
22 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/03 Supply of Computer Desktops, Laptops, Servers, UPS, and Computer Accessories
23 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/04 Supply and Installations of Telephones and Intercom Services
24 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/05 Supply and Installations of IT Network Equipment, Security Equipment and Telecom Equipment
25 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/06 Supply of Photocopiers, Printers and Spare parts
26 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/07 Supply of Promotional and Printed Materials
27 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/08 Supply of Motor Vehicles
28 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/09 Supply of Air Conditioners and Accessories
29 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/10 Supply of Fuel, Lubricants and Oils
30 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/11 Supply of Laboratory Equipment
31 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/12 Supply of Laboratory Consumables
32 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/13 Supply of Generator
33 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/14 Supply of Inventers
34 GGHN/NG/SUPLS/15 General Office supplies
Category 3: Works
35 GGHN/NG/WORKS/1 Lab Refitting
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Pre-Qualification Requirements

Application Closing Date
29th March, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified vendors should:
Click here to apply online

Note: All pre-qualification documents listed should be uploaded on the application form.


Vendor Registration – Pre-Qualification at Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN)

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