VIDEO: Mide Martins receives surprise from a Grandma at birthday party (WATCH)

Nollywood actress Mide Martins is excited about the unusual thing an aged woman did to surprise her.

Mide Martins receives surprise from a Grandma at birthday party

Mide Martins had attended the woman’s 70th birthday.

The wife of Afeez Owo revealed that the woman had named her grandchild after her name, Olumide.

The woman named her grandchild after the actress because of her immense love for her.

Mide, who was taken aback by her sweet gesture, rained money on her.

An overjoyed Mide who felt it was surreal appreciated her for the thoughtful act.

How else can I appreciate this wonderful abiamo?? She named her last born and grand child my name OLUMIDE simply because of the immense love she has for me who says true love does not exist??? I LOVE YOU IYA MI”.

In similar news, Destiny Etiko wowed many of her fans after sharing a video of an aged woman passionately praying for her.

In the video, Destiny Etiko was captured with the aged woman who was excited about seeing the actress as she hugged her.

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The older woman also heaped prayers on Destiny Etiko, and she responded amen, adding that the woman always makes her happy.

She wrote: This woman always makes me happy. I SAY A BIG AMEN TO ALL YOUR PRAYERS. BLESS U MAMA”.

News recalls Mide Martins was on cloud nine over the love she received at her daughter’s graduation ceremony.

The actress and her husband, Afeez Owo, had attended the graduation ceremony of one of their daughters.

Her daughter’s schoolmates surrounded the beloved actress.

An overwhelmed Mide couldn’t help but beam with joy as the graduating students surrounded her.

The female students struggled to embrace the actress and steal some moments with her.

Sharing clips on her Instagram page, Mide Martins preached the importance of treating kids right.

She avowed that they are the leaders of tomorrow and need to be treated right.

She appreciated God for the precious moment as she noted how good it felt to be loved by all.

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“Blessed Children. Treat them right they’re the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you Lord for this precious moment. It really feels good to be loved by them all”.



Mide Martins receives surprise from a Grandma at birthday party

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