Published on: September 29, 2021

Woman Welcomes Baby Girl A Year After Speaking It Into Existence

An excited Nigerian woman has taken to social media to reveal how she welcomed a newborn baby girl, a year after speaking it into existence.

Woman Welcomes Baby Girl

Ifeoma Louis Lawal who from indications might have sought for a child for a long time after getting married recalled how she took to her Facebook account to proclaim with faith that she will get pregnant.

She wrote… “I will get pregnant and give birth to a baby girl. I speak it into existence.”

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However, fast forward to 6th August 2020, Ifeoma took to the same platform to give thanks to God as she revealed that her bundle of joy has arrived a year after speaking it into existence.

She wrote on the shared memory…

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You see this God. I pity anyone doubting the existence of God. My baby girl is finally here. Chizaram.”

Woman Welcomes Baby Girl







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