ACU Commonwealth Summer School Scholarship 2023 for Talented University Students

You can now apply for the ACU Commonwealth Summer School Scholarship 2023. If you are a talented university student, now is your time to apply.

ACU Summer School provides a platform for students from every corner of the Commonwealth to engage in multidisciplinary discussions about global issues.

The School was established in 2011 with the mission of bringing together local and regional students who may have never left their home regions with their peers.

The event is co-hosted by a different ACU member university every year.

ACU Commonwealth Summer School Scholarship 2023

ACU Summer School is a transformative opportunity that connects students across the Commonwealth. Participants can expect:

  • Talks by leading international speakers
  • Engaging and challenging group project work
  • Networking opportunities
  • Intercultural sessions
  • Skills development

Other Details

  • Host country:  South Africa
  • Host university: Stellenbosch University
  • Theme: Truth and reconciliation: from apartheid to transitional justice
  • Eligibility: Final year undergraduate students, masters’ students and PhD students at ACU member universities
  • Places: 40 available, fully-funded
  • Season: Winter in South Africa

Commonwealth Summer School Scholarship Requirments and Eligibility

As part of the online application, you are required to submit a detailed academic reference from a lecturer or supervisor at your current university of study who is familiar with your recent academic work.

This must be submitted on official university headed paper, be signed and dated after 5 December 2022 and refer to your suitability to attend the ACU Summer School.

You are also required to submit responses to the following questions:

  • Describe your motivation for wishing to participate in the ACU Summer School 2023 and what you will contribute to and gain from the event.
  • Explain how your interests and/or achievements, work experience, volunteering experience and studies fit with the themes of peace, truth and reconciliation in your context.
  • Choose the UN Sustainable Development Goal which best relates to the subject you are studying or researching and explain why it is important that this goal is achieved using an example from your own country.
  • Describe how you plan to share the knowledge and experience gained at the ACU Summer School with your university and community after the event.
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How to apply for ACU Summer School Scholarship

All applications are via MyACU, and if you already have a MyACU account, you can access the application form here.

If you do not have a MyACU account, please first register for an account here. Then, follow the instructions in the registration email to log into the system before accessing the application form. 

If you are unable to access the application form due to personal accessibility issues (for example, visual impairment), please contact [email protected] for support.

Application deadline: Monday 30 January 2023, 11:00 UTC

Email[email protected]

Application Guidelines

To ensure you have the best chance of being selected we recommend you adapt the STAR method to construct your application answers, especially for question 3.

What is the STAR Method?

STAR is a formalized method to construct your answers an application.  It helps you answer the questions while telling your story.

 What does STAR stand for?

  • Situation: Set the scene and describe the situation.
  • Task: Describe your task or thinking.
  • Action: Explain the steps you took to address the situation.
  • Result: Share the impact or intended impact of your action and the outcomes your actions achieved or will achieve.
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STAR is a great way to structure your answers, but it’s most important to take the time to think about the question and how best to answer. Look online to find some great examples!

Applications for ACU Summer School 2023

Applications open: Monday 5 Dec 2022
Applications close: Monday 30 Jan 2023

Join your peers from around the Commonwealth to learn about the political, social, and economic forces that shaped 20th Century South African politics, including apartheid.

It is the first time the programme will be held in a winter climate, hosted by Stellenbosch University.

Almost all countries around the world are eligible to apply.

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