Published on: December 2, 2021

‘Bobrisky is an inspiration! It takes a lot of courage to be him in Nigeria’ – Huge fan writes

This Bobrisky love story was written by Lifestyle influencer, Victor Ibeh. Do you agree with him? 

The first thing I did this morning was to watch Bobrisky’s house warming party on YouTube.

All I saw was a human who was living his life at his own terms without harming anybody. Dude was very excited.


Without mincing words, Bobrisky is an inspiration. Don’t bring that gay gospel close to me. I’m not interested in whatever gay narrative you have about him. 

He is one hell of a courageous guy. I know the heat I come under daily just for standing
with women. I can imagine all the plenty rubbishes that people say about him.

 It takes a lot of courage to be a Bobrisky or denrele or Charley Boy in Nigeria.

We would celebrate MJ but condemn Bobrisky.
We would celebrate Kim Kardashian and condemn Afro Candy and Maheeda. That is how hypocritical we are. 

I was surprised to see Nigerians at Bobrisky’s party. Never knew they would make it to his party. After all, “he is a disgrace to mankind and probably gay”. 

You see that dude, has helped more people than most of the bible wielding and morality preaching prudes in Nigeria. I have read about him and his philanthropic ways. 

That confirms the saying that the most wonderful people are usually covered in tattoos. It is the heart that matters. 

I have always been a fan of people doing what works for them. As long as he didn’t steal your money or rape your daughter, leave Bobrisky alone. 

I actually admire him from afar. He is not a bastard son. Most people who buy #1000 data to come online and abuse him, cannot even feed themselves.
He pays his bills without having to steal or beg you for it. 

Let us learn to live and let live. And please don’t start with, “he is showing the wrong example to awa shildren”. 

It is your own responsibility to train your children in the right way. Bobrisky is not your children’s mentor or role model. He is just a guy that has discovered how to make himself happy in life. 

If you have children, give them the right upbringing. Stop seeking for who would share in your responsibility. 

– Victor Ibeh.


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