Published on: June 15, 2021

Danku strips to his boxers to warn Rayce and Jebon Records.

Rayce ex-manager, Danku, who called him out few weeks ago for
impregnating a lady who they referred to as a prostitute, has stripped
to his boxers on Instagram to warn Rayce his new record label, to pay

rara Easy 

He also addressed the issue he has with Rayce and told him not to mess with his family. Here’s what he wrote;

“My name is Yusuf Adebola Adepitan the son of billionaire Alh. Adeola
Yahaya Adepitan of Ebutte Meta. My late father was a very influential
and generous man, its not a surprise i took that trait and some bastards
in the industry i helped build with 16 hard working years of my life
have decided to destroy my image and my precious family name.

They have caused me pain because i helped make them and their selfish
ungreatful asses have made allegations upon allegations about me and my
brands over the years. There is power in the tongue and i am an elderly
person so most times i just move on but they keep trying to destroy me
because they dont know my source. I welcomed my first seed today; a
beautiful daughter and i couldnt post her on my instagram page because
there is too much evil fake news going around about her innocent but not
over holy father popularly known as Danku.

I will use this medium to address Rayce and Jebon Records: before Jebon
came in i took you in as my own and let you use my MSN platform because i
pitied you on the grounds that you looked for me for almost a year i
still have the dead Nike shoes i took off your feet before funding your
wardrobe i know you havent forgotten it was last year its still in my
house. You owe me money, i never collected my percentage from your small
shows and you still have a contract we both signed. You owe me money
please pay up you have my account number.

 The motivation behind my cutting edge management platform is to check mate the unofficial behind closed door
begging most people do so now to protect your interest and my interest
everybody that needs my service will have to take action. Taking action
means you fill an automated form on our website designed to cover all
your needs this is a transparent arrangement designed to make business
as honest as possible.

This is also a general warning to the families of KINGSLEY IRASE FAMILY
AND JEBON from the east. Stop spoiling my family name i am a son of the
soil via Oseni of Eti Osa LGA. #Ekolonpebi confirmed #Gbosore1 #Maroko

If any artiste tries to mess with my family yo”




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