Published on: July 24, 2021

Evelyn, a first class graduate turns bread seller after years of unemployment

A first class graduate simply identified as Evelyn resorted to selling bread on the street which she has been doing for two years and counting due to unemployment.

The lady whose story was shared on the verified Facebook handle of Zionfelix Entertainment News indicated that she makes 50 pesewas (around N1750) on each bread she sells.

First class graduate turns bread seller after years of unemployment
First class graduate turns bread seller after years of unemployment

According to her, she got her first class in procurement and logistics but after her national service, there was no opportunity for her to get recruited by any firm.


People have had a lot of interesting analysis on Evelyn’s situation with some suggesting that what she’s currently doing is better than leaving to find a job.

Chris Handler said: She can make good money from selling bread oo. She needs to sell at least 200 pieces of bread to make 100ghc a day which translates to 3,000ghc a month assuming she’s working everyday. Even if she gets a job, she might not be paid above 2k.

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She can subcontract the bread selling, consider adding other compliments to the bread, she can even make toasted bread and eggs with tea and other stuff. Anaa mebodam? If I find myself in such a situation will be thinking of how to innovate the business, that’s what a graduate ought to do.

Dwayne Gyina: Ghanaian mentality? Find job find job. She should get inspiration from the A1 bread guy so she starts her own bakery.

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graduate bread seller

She has a degree in logistics which will serve her better to venture into exporting in future. How much do. Ghana jobs pay ? 1k p3 . She should create a business and employ people so they don’t end up like her

Nana Obour Bosompem: One of our problems as a country. The girl has seen a way out of unemployment and cos she has a degree she should abandon it and go and look for unexisting job?

Do you know the profit on paracetamol and amoxicillin? The beginning of great things be small. Allow her to shine. A1 bread is now a package home for travellers. Mtchewww

First class graduate turns bread seller after years of unemployment.


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