Published on: December 2, 2021

How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin – Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.

“That was how I lost 27million Naira ” omoh!! I screamed.

How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin - Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.
How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin – Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.

Bolt in Abuja be steady treating me like a Queen, I told you about how they sent a luxurious Prado to pick me at Utako, this time they sent me Mercedes Benz GLK!

How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin - Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.
How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin – Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.

This man had to convince me after several assurances for my safety before I entered the car oh, ah! Is not me they will do “Justice for Lami” it was as result of this, that we started a conversation…



“Sir, why are you using Benz for Bolt sha, abi is it something you do as a side hustle, I heard Abuja big men do that a lot”


He laughed, he was actually a very jovial person, we just vibes, somehow, started talking about work, I told him I am a social media manager who manages social media for product-service and corporate brands. Social media management and branding. He was so impressed when I mentioned the companies and personalities I’ve worked with…

How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin - Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.
How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin – Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo

He offered to partner with my company, he said he is a blogger who is earning through Google AdSense… His Benz was bought with the money he earns from blogging….




Somehow somehow, we started a long conversation, this man taught me the lessons of life…. He taught me what focus amidst difficulties meant.


He is from Ebonyi State and like me, he is from a very humble background, his parents could not afford to train them in school, heck!! Feeding was a big problem, being the very first child and son of the family, he decided to dare the Devil.


He left the only comfort he ever had , home , to face the cold hard world he relocated to another town without a promise of where to stay and how to survive, for two years, he was doing menial jobs and hustle; and Hustle those days meant hawking in the traffic, street of Onitsha, Galla, pure water, anything!! Just to save money for his Waec and university education.


After two years of sweating and melting, he was able to write WAEC and JAMB, he passed at a sitting and got admission into Ebonyi State University to study law. But that was not the end of his hustle.


He knew this was only another phase, you can call this man a risk taker because he deserves all the accolades that comes with this title.


He knew it was time to double up the hustle to survive, this man travelled from Ebonyi state to UNN-Nsukka campus, paid 10k for mentorship, just so he could learn recharge card business and printing from someone, this was as far back as 2013 when only very few individuals could think of taking such bold steps, he couldn’t afford to pay for a hotel room and he had no one to stay with, he had to pretend to be a student, studying overnight at UNN-Nsukka campus just so he could lay his head on a desk in the classrooms for the night


When he returned to Ebonyi, he started his recharge card business which was doing real good for him, until the next year towards the start of their 200L exams, he got scammed of all his savings and he had not paid his school fees then.


Omoh!! I was listening keenly like someone was reading a novel to me…what?!! Unfortunately, we arrived my destination, I was still interested in his story, I had to offer him breakfast at a Bistro close to my office. Thank God, he accepted, we continued the conversation from there…


He was given a deadline of one week with an additional 10k to pay his school fees. He had no money and he had no one to help. He couldn’t print more recharge cards cause there was no money, but he was a man who always found his way around tough times.


He started advertising to teach people recharge card business, and in one week, he was able to raise his school fees before the deadline given to him.


He said he applied for scholarship 14 different times and none worked, he looked around the school and no one was a scholarship beneficiary, so he traveled from Ebonyi state university to University of Benin in Edo state, there, he met someone who helped him out, taught him how scholarship applications are written, he tried it once and he got NNPC/Chevron scholarship.


He returned to school and he became a scholarship ambassador, preaching the need for students to apply for scholarships. During his time, there was no single scholarship beneficiary, but before he left the school, an accumulative number of 28 students got scholarship through his guidance.


Somebody say wonder!!! Na this kind Change we signed up for, abeg!


Then he graduated, he thought of how to reach more people with the scholarship gospel and that was where the idea of blogging was birthed.

He monetized it when the traffic was so much and that was how he started making money…


Sadly, he invested this money into cryptocurrency, when the dump that happened earlier this year, he sold all due to panic thinking it was going to get worse, and that was how he lost 27m in the process.


Though painful, but life didn’t stop, he has his blogging business, and registered for Bolt again… He uses his luxurious car for special orders, and I just got lucky…


This is the story of a Millionaire blogger who turned Bolt driver after losing 27M in bitcoin.

He is Barr. @Remedy Nwankwo.


I shed some tears sha, the resilient spirit of the Nigerian youth, the passion to change their stories, it’s so beautiful…


I had to plead with him to let me share this story, and he let me…He also agreed to partner with the company…meeting this man is more than a blessing to me and I pray it is to everyone reading this story…


Sir , thank you !! Thank you for being brave !

How I lost 27 Million Naira in Bitcoin – Millionaire Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo.

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