Published on: October 24, 2021

‘I was expecting twins but my second baby vanished’ – Kayamata seller, Miwa opens up

Popular Kayamata seller, Miwa has opened up on some of the challenges she encountered during her pregnancy.

I was expecting twins but my second baby vanished
I was expecting twins but my second baby vanished

NB recalls that Miwa recently welcomed her first child with CEO, Kolaq Alagbo and father of 3, Olayemi Omotolani Abeeb Lateef.

According to Miwa,  she never knew Kolaq Alagbo had a wife and she only knew when she became pregnant.

During a question and answer session on Instagram, Miwa disclosed that she was expecting twins but one of them vanished all of a sudden and it was a big challenge for her.

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The Instagram user wrote;

“Pls how did you deal with first trimester heartburn and morning sickness. I’m so sick.”

Miwa replied with “Frist trimester was a piece of cake… the only challenge i had was my second baby vanished, i was expecting TWINS.”

Reacting to this;

@abujasextoyshop wrote “Kayanmata gone wrong”

@ada___nma wrote “It happens in some pregnancies, it’s called vanishing twins syndrome.”

@doctorhealtheducation wrote “Sorry it does happen medically though rare where one of the twins will suck in the second one and it will disappear. Sorry”

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@detoke.o wrote “It’s completely real and has happened to me. my 3 month scan saw 2 foetuses, I went back 2 months later and there was only one child. It’s something called the vanishing twin syndrome”

I was expecting twins but my second baby vanished..

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