Published on: November 27, 2021

“I was not appointed Comptroller General of Customs to wear uniform” – Customs CG, Hameed Ali, replies Senate

Comptroller General of Customs, Hameed Ali, has replied members of the senate who ordered him to appear before the house on March 15th in his official uniform as a customs officer. Hameed in an interview with TVC today, says he was not appointed to wear uniform but to do his work effectively:

“No! I was not appointed Comptroller General of Customs to wear uniform. Does Uniform work or the person behind the uniform?

If we suspect that smuggled items are taken into your house, we have the right to cordone thjat house and go in to search. Am I doing my job or not? I think that should be what should worry the National Assembly” he said

Members of the senate unanimously agreed to order Ali to appear before the house to explain the controversial new policy of Customs Service asking car owners to report to their offices to verify if the import duties for their cars were fully paid for. According to Customs, defaulters would have their cars impounded. The senate is also angry with Customs officials over the recent trend of storming shops and storage houses to seize items believed to have been smuggled into the country. 
Ali has never worn the Customs uniform since assuming office in 2015.



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