Published on: June 15, 2021

James Brown allegedly drops crossdressing, hits studio to record music (Video)

James Brown allegedly drops crossdressing…

Embattled crossdresser, James Brown may have channeled his energy towards a different career as he hits a music studio to record a song.

James Brown drops crossdressing

It would be recalled some days ago that the male Barbie was threatened by his counterpart, Bobrisky to quit the crossdressing business.

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Well, the threat may have impacted James Brown in some way and as such, his first song EP may be dropping soon.

James Brown drops crossdressing, hits studio to record music (Video)
James Brown drops crossdressing

Hopefully, his track is going to become a hit song in the music industry and overtake the top Nigerian singers; James is probably going to write a motivational book on how quitting crossdressing was the breakthrough in his life.

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Not to say too much, listen to his studio freestyle below …




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