Published on: July 24, 2021

Kemi Olunloyo’s arrest made me happy -Seyi Law

Ace Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, who once had a face-off with arrested
controversial Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, who made a public post
that Seyi Law’s daughter is obese, has disclosed that he was very happy
to hear that Kemi was arrested.

sey Easy 

 According to him, this will serve as deterrent to people who put out
things on social media, to malign others. He went further to disclose
that he will be suing an

Abuja-based blogger, Emmanuel Oko Ekpo Bricks for writing and trying to defame him for popularity.

The comedian who shared a photo he took with Kemi, wrote;

I was one of the few who was happy when they heard Madam Kemi
Omololu-Olunloyo was arrested as I believed it will serve as deterrent
to others who will just put out things to malign others. I was also
particularly happy that there is a cybercrime law as I was going to sue a
blogger, Emmanuel Oko Ekpo Bricks in Abuja for writing and trying to
defame my personality for popularity and even went as far as touring
radio stations and granting video interviews claiming I was threatening
his life despite the fact that I haven’t spoken with him before up till

Then, I thought of the mistakes I have made in life that could have kept
me behind bars if the victims have decided to pursue the case(s) and I
decided to take the path of forgiveness. Madam Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has
never been entirely right and we must acknowledge that and instead of
just going after the Pastor, we must ask that he should be kind enough
to forgive.

I don’t know if what Madam Kemi wrote about the Pastor was true, but
what if it is not, we know what it means to have your character
questioned, nonetheless we plead for his forgiveness. We can’t force it
and so we plead for his forgiveness.

I have read from people shouting hell on the Pastor and I just laughed
as I know what some would have done if it was them. Please don’t forget
that we are Humans first before Pastoral call. I therefore, plead with
whoever is behind the case against Madam Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo to
forgive for Christ’s sake.



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