Published on: July 28, 2021

Obaseki’s promise to handover to Edo Central deceptive says Ebea

Hon Festus Ebea is a former Deputy Speaker of Edo state House of Assembly. He described the promise by Governor Godwin Obaseki to hand over power to Edo Central Senatorial District as false and that he does not deserve a second term Public reception of the former chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole We are all very excited seeing him hale and hearty, seeing him doing what he knows how to do best and he has tendered unreserved apology to Edo people, those who really felt offended that he made some statements about four years ago that were quite off the line but he is the only man who can excuse himself and I think he has done it very well. The man who came out to say yes I made a mistake is a man that must be respected, so, we across the length and breadth of Edo State not just the members APC, are quite happy that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is back home after a meritorious service to the nation, have been the national chairman of the ruling party and haven ensured the great success to the enthronement for second term of President Muhammadu Buhari and indeed ensuring that the National Assembly is unified to the executive arm of government to be able to do their job without any hindrances. We are very proud of him, during his time as governor of Edo state, he left so many legacies so seeing him back, we are happy. Ize-Iyamu’s SIMPLE agenda Edo people are indeed very enlightened, Edo people have watched governance over time, Edo people have come to the conclusion that it is better to begin to hold leadership to what they say, not just saying it but registering it in a permanent form, so Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, by God’s grace , the incoming governor of Edo State had thought it wise to bring the smart agenda which of course is the SIMPLE agenda which is all encompassing to address the numerous problems that affect our country and importantly Edo state so that after four years, you can hold him on what he said he was going to do. This is a social contract with Edo people. Deputy Governor’s attack on 2024     It is quite unfortunate that the deputy governor did not respect the office that he holds, when he came out to treat the line of a statement purportedly made by me with such venom. I dismissed it as an unserious person.  I respect people and I stand for what I preach and of course I will not and will never in my life denigrate somebody who has done so well for me. Where Philip Shaibu has reached today especially within the political sphere you cannot but lend credence to the fact that it was occasioned and made possible by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. So when you come out to address and insult a man that you once referred to as your father, that shows that you are not a serious person. But back to what I said, it is not hidden and that is not the first time I was saying it. I remember in 2012 when we were celebrating the victory of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s second term re-election, we as colleagues, we were just so joyous and out of excitement he (Shaibu) said after Comrade, the next person that will take over from him will certainly hand over to him, and when you see the events playing out especially within the executive sphere of Edo State, you will find out that the relationship that now exists between the governor and the deputy governor, is not borne out of anything other than to respect the wish of Philip Shaibu.
So when I hear from my people of Esan land say that if you vote for Obaseki, he will pave the way for an Esan man to be governor, I have to quickly put the records straight that that cannot be because his deputy is waiting at the wings to take over from him. We have seen how Obaseki has denigrated the Esan people in the last four years. When it was time for him to nominate a minister, he did not nominate an Esan person, he had the chance to make the senior permanent secretary in Edo state government who is an Esan person to be the Head of Office, he did not allow the Esan person to be, he brought somebody from outside. His Chief of Staff from Edo North suddenly tendered his resignation and the next in command is an Esan person. He did not give him, he brought somebody from outside and of course so many untoward things he has done to my race, a lot of them are verifiable. Go to schools in Esan land and indeed other parts of the state, you can hardly see any secondary school that boasts of more than two teachers.  In the last four years has he recruited any teacher for public schools in the state? The Ekpoma township road was awarded by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to be made a dual carriage way, he came back and made it a single lane, does he think we are fools?. Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is one man that we can trust, I remember while he was soliciting votes, some of our aspirants were saying we will do one term but he just came and said look, I will do two terms and when I finish I will work assiduously to ensure that Esan man is enthroned as my successor and that is the truth. He has never lied to anybody, what he will do, he will tell you. It is going be an Eldorado for Edo people. Let them come out and deny, we are aware the Governor Obaseki has entered into alliance with Philip Shaibu that when he is leaving he will hand over to him Security       Between Benin and Edo Central is sambisa forest that if you are able to drive successfully from Benin to Iruekpen you will stop and thank God that you are able to make it there through the valley of shadow of death. Security is not in any part of the state but you have a governor who collects about N900 million monthly for security vote yet the police here are under motivated. Edo Central being a traditional PDP stronghold Events are changing, new perceptions are emerging. The politics we play as a people is not borne out of ideology, it is more of personality centred; what will this person do for us, that is why when you come to Esan land, you throw up a good candidate in any of the political parties, they will support you. Yes we use to give respect to our revered leader, late Chief Tony Anenih because we saw what he did overtime. But since God has called him, what has happened? The PDP is no longer in Esan land. If you check the last elections even in Uromi, Esan North East where you were always sure that at the state constituency, PDP must get the two there but PDP lost the two and indeed lost everywhere in Esan land so that reading has since changed. It is no longer the hot bed of PDP, I was the first to actually break the jinx in 2011, I opened the floodgate for AC, ACN and APC to enter Esanland and ever since it is been progressives so I do not share that belief that Esan is PDP, Esan is looking for a government irrespective of political party that can deliver on its avowed promises to her.


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