Published on: September 29, 2021

Peter Okoye makes peace with Odemwingie after he apologized and gave reasons for calling him out (Video)

Singer, Peter Okoye has made peace with Osaze Odemwingie, after the retired footballer apologized and gave detailed reasons for calling him out.

Odemwingie calls out Peter Okoye

The popular Nigerian footballer made the accusation in a post he shared via the InstaStory section of his verified Instagram page on Wednesday, December 2.

Now taking a swipe at Mr. P of defunct PSquare music group, he tagged the singer’s business “Zoom Lifestyle” fraudulent and advised him to have fear of God.

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The footballer was reacting to a video shared by Peter on his official Instagram page.

In the video shared by Peter, some young men were seen engaging in a weird dance challenge. In the video, the men held empty bottles while they took turns to break them on their own heads.

Sharing the video, Peter asked if anyone was interested in trying out the dance challenge, but however warned that they were on their own.

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Reacting to the video, Odemwingie claimed the singer wants to take Christmas away from people by urging them to try out the dance challenge.

Odemwingie wrote, “What happened to you @PeterPsquare? you are robbing people in broad day light with that your nonsense business and now you want to take Christmas from them? You no dey fear God at all?”

Odemwingie calls out Peter Okoye


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