Spanish Government MAEC-AECID Masters Scholarships 2023/2024 for Developing Countries

Here is a Spanish Government MAEC-AECID Masters Scholarships 2023 you should apply for and have your tuition taken care of, all those eligible to apply, and the method of application has been provided.

The Spanish Cooperation and the institutions that make it up (AECID, Fundación Carolina ​, FIIAPP ​) are firmly committed to the training of both Spaniards and citizens of partner countries, offering training opportunities both in Spain and abroad.

About The Scholarship

Spanish cooperation, in close alliance with universities and companies, recognizes the importance of higher education, science and innovation as a space for cooperation for social equity and the reduction of the digital and gender gap, and to face the health crisis and the challenges of sustainable development.

Spanish cooperation scholarships are an instrument of excellence, understood as the quality of training and as the generation of value and social innovation. An instrument of horizontal and advanced cooperation that, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, promotes social development and equal opportunities.


All the applicants of this program (SCHOLARSHIPS AFRICA-MED) must have knowledge of Spanish, meet all the requirements as stipulated in the specific conditions of section 3.1 of Annexure III and present all the documentation required as per section 3.4 of the mentioned Annexure.

Eligible Countries: Countries in  Latin America, Africa and Asia

How to apply for Spanish Government MAEC-AECID Masters Scholarships

Scholarships for citizens of Latin American, African and Asian countries

Scholarships for citizens of Latin American, African and Asian countries

  • Graduate Scholarships:
    • Scholarships for a master’s degree in lexicography and collaborative training stays at the headquarters of the Academies associated with the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) .
    • Scholarships for musical excellence training (Reina Sofía Superior School of Music).
    • Scholarships Diplomatic School for public employees: Master of International Relations.
    • Master’s scholarships for public employees Latin America and the Philippines (MASTER)
    • Scholarships for training and training public employees Africa and the Middle East (AFRICA-MED).
  • Mobility and research stays.
    • Scholarships for training and research practices in Spain for public employees in Africa and the Middle East (ÁFRICA-MED)
  • Artistic and research residencies
    • Scholarships for artistic and research residencies at the Spanish Academy in Rome (ROMAIB)
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Scholarships linked to the Ibero-American Knowledge Space

The call for scholarships 2022-2023 from the Carolina Foundation ended on April 7, 2022 in all its modalities.

The modalities of the 2022-2023 call are:

  • PhD and short postdoctoral stays:
    • Doctoral scholarships from the Carolina Foundation . (Closing call 8/4/2022)
    • Grants for short postdoctoral stays from the Carolina Foundation . (Closing call 8/4/2022)
  • Mobility scholarships from the Carolina Foundation.
    • Mobility program for Argentine teachers . (Closing call 31/3/2022)
    • Mobility program for Brazilian teachers. (Closing call 7/4/2022)
    • Mobility program for teaching staff from Grupo Tordesillas universities. (Closing call 4/4/2022)
  • Scholarships and institutional studies of the Carolina Foundation:
    • Program of research stays at the Carolina Foundation. (Closing call 7/4/2022)
    • Defense Department of Culture and Diplomacy (CESEDEN)
  • Postgraduate:
    • Carolina Foundation SDG Graduate Scholarships . (Call ended 3/15/2022)
  • Scholarships and institutional studies of the Carolina Foundation:
    • Scholarship Program for the Bicentennial of Central America . (Call ended 3/15/2022)
    • Graduate scholarships. STEM program for graduates . (Call ended 3/15/2022)
    • Graduate scholarships. Institute for Fiscal Studies . (Call ended 3/15/2022)

Scholarships for Spaniards

  • Scholarships for cultural management and scientific diplomacy at Embassies, Consulates and Cultural Centers AECID (CULT)
  • Training scholarships for young Spaniards for training in development cooperation management in the Technical Cooperation Offices and in the Training Centers of the Spanish Cooperation in Latin America of the AECID (COOPERATION).
  • Scholarships for training in European affairs (COLEGIO DE EUROPA) .
  • Scholarships for the promotion of Spanish in foreign universities (LECTORADOS) .
  • Scholarships for artistic and research residencies at the Academy of Spain in Rome (ROME) .
  • Fulbright Commission Scholarships.
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We trust that we were able to give you all the information you required regarding this scholarship. Please leave any questions you may have in the space provided below.

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