Published on: June 15, 2021

The Major Symptoms of Stage (3) Ovarian Cancer

Stage III of Ovarian cancer is a condition when the cancer has spread
from one or both ovaries to the lining of the abdomen or to the region
of lymph nodes. Usually the stage III cancer has a 45 percent survival
rate, according to studies.

Unfortunately, the symptoms are not prevalent and go unrecognized in
early stages I and II. In stage III, however, since the cancer has
spread, it causes major symptoms which must be adhered to, by the
patient and the doctor. Here is a brief description of some of the
major symptoms of stage 3 ovarian cancer:
Symptoms Of Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

When the ovarian cancer spreads to abdominal lining, it may lead to
abdominal bloating. It is a condition when there is a visible abdominal
distention and your tummy seems to be growing.This is because, when
cancer spreads, a liquid, known as ascites fluid is produced and fills
the abdominal cavity. However if you are experiencing bloating, it may
not be ovarian cancer always. You must get a checkup done by your

Pelvic And Abdominal Pain
Ovarian cancer, in stage III may cause a constant pain in lower abdomen
or a kind of pressure in the pelvic area. This pain does not have
anything to do with digestion, and its reasons remain unknown, if the
problem has not been diagnosed.

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In the late stages of ovarian cancer, pelvic or abdominal pain is the
most common symptom. A pelvic pain should be reported to a doctor and is
not something to be ignored, if it lasts for more than a week.

Urinary Frequency And Urgency
One may pass urine frequently if one suffers from ovarian cancer. This
is because, in stage III, the tumor spreads to surrounding areas and
this may, in turn irritate the urinary bladder.

This may lead to conditions when may find it urgent to urinate or a
situation when one feels the urge of urinating frequently than normal.
Urinary capacity of a woman is tremendously reduced when cancerous
cells surround her bladder.

Change In Bowel Habit
One may experience an unexplained change in bowel habits as a symptom of
ovarian cancer. As a result, both constipation and diarrhea may be
developed. Constipation occurs when obstruction caused by tumor
prevents easy movement of bowels.

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Diarrhea or watery stools may occur when increased amount of
contractions in colon pass stools at a faster rate. For the same reason,
IBS , i.e Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is often mistaken for ovarian

Loss Of Appetite And Weight Loss
Loss of appetite is another major symptom of ovarian cancer in the later
stage. One suffering from ovarian cancer may not feel hungry at all or
may feel full even after having a small meal. This is primarily because
the ascites that builds up in the abdominal cavity gives a feeling of
fullness and the overall metabolism of the person is affected by the
cancer which reaches abdomen in stage III.

It is also accompanied by unexplained loss or gain in weight, which
again has to do with the metabolism of the human body. Ovarian cancer is
a very critical condition, and if you are suffering from above
mentioned symptoms, it means you are already in its latter stage.
However these symptoms could also be of some benign problems, but
medical attention must be sought if these occur for more than 2 weeks.


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