Published on: June 15, 2021

See how this NYSC members was assaulted at airport after their flight was overbooked by Medview, WATCH VIDEO.

An NYSC member, Taylor took to his Instagram to share photos and videos of how Security operatives at Medview smashed his phone, and assaulted him and his colleagues after their flight was overbooked.

Read his story below…

“Part 1: The Ill treatment and brutality I experienced yesterday by @medview_info airline I am still emotionally traumatised! They overbooked my flight and made 2 other passengers and my self wait under the scorching sun for about 45 minutes without giving us any information. They let us get to boarding (I mean the foot of the aircraft!!!), next, they shut the plane doors and asked us to leave!! In total shock and dismay I asked what was going on but they wanted us out of the  tarmac with no explanation or apologies, provision of accommodation and feeding or inquiries on the importance of being on that flight to us. Instead, they manhandled us, dragged us, me especially as we struggled to ask questions and basically demand our rights! It is important to note that the security officials who assaulted me promptly removed their name tags to hide their identities. I was treated like a criminal for a service I paid for! I practically broke down in tears at a point saying all I did was to sign up to serve my Fatherland! I am not a beggar nor a criminal! The lady with me kept crying you could see the pain in her eyes a corper as well it was all so sad! More Heartbreaking videos and photos coming up…

Part 2: The most heartbreaking part is being told this is “NIGERIA” for christ sake for how much?? They brutalised me, tore up my NYSC shirt. They say I should serve this country. How??? A country that doesn’t care for or place any value on my life!

Part 4 : @medview_info was so unbothered and the pilot made jest of us and even took photos! A white man obviously and never even bothered coming down to address the issue! To think they wanted leaving with our luggages! Really so sad!”

Watch video below….

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  1. The Military Man is Stupid watching for a Civilian to have Tore the Federal Government Property which he knows it wasn't suppose too,because Corpers are officers it high time the Nigerian government stand up to protect the Future leaders each day sad stories about NYSC Corpers

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