Published on: June 15, 2021

“We do not need you to save us”, America’s first transgender model blasts Caitlyn Jenner

Coming after Caitlyn Jenner went off on a social media rant, where he accused President Trump of taking a back step in his LGBT campaign promise, America’s first transgender model,  Isis King, has told the transgender activist that their community don’t need her to save them, as she’s a racist.

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Isis, who shared an open letter to Cait on Twitter and Instagram, disclosed how she
was treated unfairly by Caitlyn and her assistant, at a community event they both attended. She stressed that internal issue of colour and class still exists in their community.

Here’s her letter;

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My open letter to you @Caitlyn_Jenner .

There are also people in the community, who are angry with Cait for being silent on issues like President Trump’s Muslim Ban, except the ones that directly affects her.