10 Colleges With Aviation Programs In 2023

In order to attend an aviation school, you need to know how to apply. Many universities and colleges offer courses for domestic and international students.

This makes it a little challenging to enroll in colleges with aviation programs. There are a lot of documents you will need to submit to obtain a respectable aviation degree.

A degree that is widely recognized can help you pursue a career in the airline industry.

There are dozens of aerospace occupations you can choose from to support yourself. Mechanics, flight attendants, engineers, and pilots are some of the many careers you can choose from.

Would you like to know how to apply for a college that offers aviation programs or degrees? The following article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the 20 colleges that offer aviation programs.

It’s time to get started. Let’s see them below.

10 Colleges With Aviation Programs In 2023

Below we have provided the colleges with aviation programs, you can choose from any one, they are pretty cool.

1. Arizona State University Global Launch

The University of Arizona is among the top 20 universities for international students due to the many universities it has, including public, private, and community colleges.

Colleges in Arizona offer many high-quality academic programs, including journalism, commerce, earth science, criminology, and criminal justice.

Students from overseas can enhance their Arizona experience by visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona’s Red Rocks, and Oak Creek Canyons.

Tuition Fee Cap @ $22,319.00

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2. Bowling Green State University

With its Pro Football Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ohio offers a balanced mixture of challenges and delights.

International students considering moving to this populated Midwestern state to study abroad have to know that there are some advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

It is undeniable fact, Ohio has a unique personality and offers residents many advantages, including an affordable cost of living.

 Tuition Fee Cap @ $19,000.00

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3. Bridgewater State University

Massachusetts has built a reputation for academic excellence, unlike any other state in the country. Home to Harvard University, as well as a number of cultural and intellectual institutions, Massachusetts attracts people from all over the world.

If overseas students are interested in obtaining the best postsecondary education possible, while experiencing American culture, studying in Massachusetts should be a better option.

Tuition Fee Cap @ $16,872.00

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4. Delaware State University

Its stunning sandy beaches, historical sites, and many casinos attract tourists from all over the world to Delaware, despite its small size.

There are numerous colleges and universities in Delaware, ranging in size from large to small, which makes Delaware not only a popular tourist destination but also a home for over 3,000 international students.

Tuition Fee Cap @ $16,904.00

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5. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Each year, international students with a desire to pursue higher education select Florida as their chosen destination.

International students can select from a wide range of universities and colleges in Florida that will allow them to thrive professionally, including small, private institutions as well as large, public institutions.

Also, their cosmopolitan setting, world-class beaches, and theme parks would enhance the study experience for international students in the US.

Tuition Fee Cap @ $11,997.00 for all fees.

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6. San Jose State University

Studying abroad in California is on every student’s top three list of places to go.

As a top education destination, California offers a number of prestigious schools and institutions as well as a wide variety of people, lifestyles, and activities.

For international students interested in learning about American culture, the State offers the best opportunity to witness firsthand the extraordinary interaction of diverse cultural identities that is often referred to as the American experience.

 Tuition Fee Cap @ $19,601.00 per year.

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7. Ohio State University-Main Campus

As the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ohio offers a pleasant mix of interesting challenges and unexpected delights, events, sights, and more.

Potential international students should know the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad in this populated Midwestern state, before moving going there.

Residents of Ohio are certainly benefiting from several advantages, like a relatively low cost of living, which are important to consider.

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8. Utah State University

Utah offers a mix of mountains, deserts, woods, and urban areas for international students who want to study there.

The University of Utah and Utah State University each offer thousands of degree programs, in addition to Utah’s stunning scenery.

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9. The University of Nebraska at Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city, has five Fortune 500 corporations and more than five colleges and universities that have thrived during the recent financial recession.

As Nebraska is situated next to these Fortune 500 companies, international students have the opportunity to study biosciences, finance, manufacturing, renewable energy, and logistics such as transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

Tuition Fee Cap @  $20,320.00

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10. Henderson State University.

In Arkansas, which is appropriately called “The Natural State,” international students can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities thanks to two mountain ranges and 600,000 acres of lakes.

There are a number of Fortune 500 companies in Arkansas, including Wal-Mart, and universities and colleges that prepare students for the business world.

Tuition Fee Cap @  $10,180 Yearly tuition.

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Decree Courses Offered in Aviation Programs

A typical aviation program consists of five courses. Although the exact course titles and contents may vary differently from degree to degree, many aviation degrees include courses that focus on these topics

  1. Management Of Aviation Operation
  1. Aviation Law
  1. Aviation Safety
  1. Meteorology And Weather For Aviation
  1. Advanced Aviation Technology Introduction

Those are the colleges with aviation programs you should consider enrolling in if you want to undertake a course in aviation. They are world-class.



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